Travel Agency


Bucher Travel Inc. is a professional Retailer Agency offering products from various Tour Operators such as Kuoni, Hotelplan, Travel House, TUI etc. with their original rates. As an independent Travel Agency, the travel consultants are able to recommend tours from the different suppliers from a neutral standpoint. All customers are individually advised for their exploring city trip, unforgettable cruise on a dream ship, exciting safari or just relaxing vacation on a romantic island. With the own ticketing, Bucher Travel Inc. is able to provide tickets for all over the world. The company is part of the travel funds, which guarantees a return transfer from your chosen destination in case of insolvency.


The personnel are part of the education program including study trips all over the world and visit of travel shows. The travel team is welcoming you in the office located in the heart of Lucerne and is looking forward to arrange your personal travel plans.





For Relaxed Vacations.